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Square One Interiors



Founded in 2009, Square One Interiors is a unique design dealership focused on making the office furniture buying and interior design process simple, stress free and fun! From space planning and design to finished installation Square One specializes in helping companies of all size create healthy and productive work environments that have the atmosphere, functionality and personality needed for clients to focus on their business while simultaneously strengthening their company brand and employee morale. 

Sure there are other great companies out there who  do similar things and offer their own awesome products and services. So if we are promoting basically the same thing why would you choose Square One Interiors? Because of our people. Because of our culture. Because our single goal on every project is to find the absolute best possible solution for our clients even if it happens to be elsewhere.

What does this mean to you? We will observe and study your people, your work culture, your brand, your growth plans and your overall project goals in order to create a dynamic, healthy and productive work environment that will serve you well into the future. 

We will absolutely respect your budget. An enormous pet peeve is the designer or consultant who creates elaborate spaces and promotes lavish furniture options with seemingly no regard to final cost. Cue the sticker shock. Then it’s back to square one (yep, see what we did there) to figure out where and how to cut costs. T.O.T.A.L. waste of time. We start with your budget and make our magic happen within that number.

Good, better, best? You don’t even have to ask. We strive to offer three options no matter the project size. From one chair to four filled floors, we like to show how far money can go.

We pledge to recommend only environmentally responsible products and materials. We don’t just limit our responsibility to new items either. Square One Interiors has a ZERO landfill policy. If you don’t have a plan for your old stuff we can help navigate that process in a snap!

We are very passionate at Square One and hope we have the opportunity to share that passion with your company.