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About You

About You imageWho? You. What?  That’s right folks. We’ve got a whole page dedicated to defining who makes a great client for Square One Interiors.

Wait. What???

Yep, you read that correctly. Just like you are evaluating us as a potential resource and business partner, we have some things we look for in companies we work with. Everyone knows the old saying “You can’t be all things to all people.” Well, that’s a true statement for a reason. We don’t want everyone as a client and there are certainly times when we are not going to be the right fit for others.  

Crazy? Not really. We’ve all had at least one experience with a client or a vendor who was an absolute nightmare. The sense of dread when their name pops up in an email or all the times you want to hit the decline button on your phone when they call. You know what I’m talking about. We believe that comes about when there is a mis-match in personality, company culture and business philosophy. Neither side is right or wrong, it’s just a bad match up.

We took some time to sit back and reflect on the projects and clients we’ve had over the past few years and saw an obvious pattern. In an effort to help save everyone time and maybe some potential frustration we’ve made list of the qualities that make an ideal client at Square One Interiors.

1. We work best with clients who share similar core values. Check ours out here.

2. We are interested in working with companies who share our interest and passion for the importance of cultivating a positive workplace culture and environment.

3. We want clients who are interested in building a long term business relationship and see the value in leveraging our knowledge and input on their projects.

4. We thrive best with clients who enjoy the design and furniture selection process as much as we do. We really like to have fun!

Do any of those sound like you? If so let’s get together! Head on over to our contact us page and shoot us a message or give us a call to schedule a meet!  We’re looking forward to it.