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Square One Interiors

Core Values


This one seems like a no-brainer but we have all heard stories about less than reputable companies who are dishonest or take advantage of their clients trust. Let us be clear. We are honest in all our business dealings. We have worked hard to build  solid relationships with our clients, teammates, vendors and other business partners. People trust us to do the right thing. If we make a mistake, we’ll tell you. Then we’ll tell you how we’re going to fix it.



We believe passion is something that can’t be taught, that a person either has it or they don’t. Square One Interiors only hires people who, for all intents and purposes, bleed Square One green and who share a passion for helping others create inspiring and motivativing spaces. It’s just office furniture you say? That’s right, however our passion for furniture, design, our clients and business associates fuels our success and hopefully delights everyone we interact with.



Since the day we opened our doors we have been blessed with constant support from the amazing Kansas City community. That support has continually helped us grow and be successful each and every year. In the spirit of paying it forward we like to give back in a variety of ways. From donating furniture and design to local non-profits to volunteering at various associations and supporting our local arts community, Square One employees are excited to give back regularly each year.


There are many types of energy. We’re talking about the positive kind. You know it when you feel it. It’s contagious and makes you feel happy and excited. It’s organic, drawing people in and building off their energy. We work very hard to keep a positive energy and high level of enthusiasm flowing through Square One Interiors.  You’ll know what we’re talking about if you spend even a small amount of time around any of our employees!


We don’t look for a one time customer. We strive to build lasting relationships and friendships with all our clients. We like to think of ourselves as extensions of their work family. It’s not just with our clients either. We continually work at building and maintaining a solid network of business resources, industry partners and vendor relationships so that we’re in a position to become a connector and in turn help everyone around us grow and succeed.


Fun might seem trivial or as if it has no place in business, but it’s a very important value to us. Would you rather dread going into work or genuinely enjoy the space you’re in and the people you interact with? Um, option two please. We’ve definitely created a fun culture in our office but we like to whip the fun out in meetings and on projects too. Does that mean we’re less professional? No way! We just make a point of enjoying each day and work hard to bring smiles to everyone we meet.