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Square One Interiors

Our Process

Thinking about having us help with your next furniture or design project? Here’s a sneak peek at how we work:


This is where we get to know you and your project. We’ll take plenty of time to dig into the following:

Project Overview: Who? What? When? Where?

Project Scope:  What kind of products and services are you looking for and what areas we might be of help.

Project Budget:  If you don’t have one, we’ll help you establish it. If you already have a budget in place please share it! This helps us narrow down to the best products and services that fit your number.

Programming & Workflow Evaluation: We’ve developed an employee programming questionnaire that gathers important information about individual work habits and preferences. We try and incorporate these whenever possible.  This process also boosts employee morale by involving them in the design process.

In addition to individual feedback, our team will observe workflow within departments to help address potential inefficiencies and maximizing that workflow in your new space.


We’ll take all the information gathered in step one and make space planning magic happen. Here’s where you’ll get to see some of the  following:

  1. Various layouts and space plan options based on individual and departmental feedback.
  2. Good, Better, Best product options. This will allow you to see what you can get for various price points within your stated budget.
  3. Material and finish options – the super fun stuff! At least we think so.
  4. 3D drawings and color renderings of your furniture selections.
  5. A fully loaded standards manual including seating and key charts if applicable, prepared and delivered at the end of the project.


No stress, hassle free orders, installation and overall project management:

  1. Upon order placement you’ll receive weekly communication with your dedicated project manager. This will include order updates, ship and install dates and any other relevant information you should need.
  2. Full service installation. We use only THE BEST installers in town. They will receive all your product into their warehouse, inspect for damage and confirm receipt of all parts and pieces before install day.  Have a future service or warranty issue? Not to worry, Square One Interiors covers all service calls due to manufacturer warranty items.
  3. Final walk through with your company contact, your Square One consultant and lead installer to make sure everything is perfect. If for some reason it isn’t then that’s when we’ll come up with a plan to get it that way!


This one is pretty self explanatory. CHEERS to a successful project!  Now go forth and be super productive in your new digs.